Progressive SNAPSHOT Discount

March 23, 2015

I really love it when I get to tell a client "Hey, your rates went down this year".  Well, that rarely happens anymore and we are all looking for ways to cut our premiums down.


Progressive introduced this new SNAPSHOT discount in several states and I went through all the training for it.  Basically they provide you with a small device that you plug into your vehicle and it monitors your driving habits and reports back to Progressive.  Then Progressive notifies you if your driving qualifies you for a discount.  The company touts the discount is up to 30%.


Honestly, this was just a little bit too much "Big Brother" for my liking and I sort of dismissed it.  My rep from Progressive who has been with me for many years stopped in to inquire why I wasn't selling SNAPSHOT.  I explained my concerns and he offered to give me a device to test drive and see what I thought.  I agreed because I'm not going to have my clients do this unless I understand it and like it.


Full Disclosure....this is my car.  It goes fast.


So, the device arrived and I was able to follow the directions and locate the port to plug it into which honestly was most of the battle.  The device beeps 3 times (not loudly) when you start the car and you drive.  It will beep if you stop fast or take off fast.  About 10 days later I received an email from Progressive and I was able to see 3 statistics.


1.  How much hard braking I did.  I was in the excellent category!

2.  How many fast starts I did.  I was in the questionable category (refer to image above)

3.  How many miles I drove.  I was in the good category.


After 30 days I was notified that I qualified for a 20% discount.  Pretty good right??  I was pretty proud of myself.  Did I find myself driving more conservatively because I knew the device was in....YES.  Was that really the intention of the device...Maybe.


If you have Progressive Auto Insurance and would like to try this out, let me know or log into your online account and sign up for SNAPSHOT.  Why not??







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March 20, 2015

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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